Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vintage stuff, sales, mac and grunge

Today is a big blogging day! I'm so full of excitement and I have loads to write about. Hopefully I'll get everything I need to get done today. So yesterday, after a day of printing and magazines, my godmother gave me 2 tops, one that belonged to my cousin, and one that belonged to my aunt (both RIP). She knows I heart customizing t-shirts atm, and I've never been so excited to get vintage clothes. I like thrifting when there isn't a smell of cabbage following you around, a common problem with most second-hand or vintage shops.

I have the boyfriends leaving party for his old job tonight, and on Saturday I have his gig in Transmission. So I must transform these into something fabulous! Also, I dug out a Clash t-shirt (thaaanks Darren, best housemate ever) that I have yet to customise the bejaysis out of.

I've been cutting up old tshirts for a while now and wearing them with leggings. But atm I'm a bit in love with an indie-grunge style, that kind of incorporates the way I dress now, with the way I dressed when I was 16. I'm gonna go scissor-happy on this stuff and see where it gets me. It's a bit hard to style an outfit when you know most of your stuff is on your best friends bedroom floor. (come back from holidays Debbie!)

Mac 'Style Black' Collection? Yes Please. The last time I wore black lipstick it was for a hip-hop dancing competition in Donegal. I was 13. It didn't work for me then, and I certainly won't be trying it now, but I do love anything that involves a whorish amount of eyeliner. So count me in, Mac. Bang of Pixie Lott off it tho. See?

Myself and an entourage of female relations are heading to the Mansion House tomorrow for the huge sale. I told everyone I want my xmas presents in designer form.

Tonight marks the end of Rock Of Love Bus - sad face. Well I already knew who won, but I wanted to see the other one cry in person. Unfortunately I'll miss the finale because my social life beckons, but to commemorate our viewing, the boyfriend did buy me a seriously naff Poison t-shirt online (take that, random bloke from Reads!) which will be a focal point of my winter wardrobe.

Fall / Winter 09: for Kerri Katastrophe:

• whore eyeliner
• ripped tights
• cut-up t-shirts
• tacky, sparkly things
• lots of lipgloss
• blonde hair
• wavy / messy hair
• naff 80s rock tees
• especially poison tees

• Straightened hair
• hot pants
• bronzer
• doll shoes

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