Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Thought I'd Never Get This Collage Done

I decided to use a bit of fake tan earlier on, and now I smell like biscuits. After a rather rubbish day yesterday, today was pretty good. I'm still in my parents house, and I spent most of yesterday and today working on the collage I was supposed to have finished for my godmother months ago. I'm pretty sure my Mam's torn a ligament in her knee, or has fluid trapped; she hurt herself at aerobics class and know her right knee is 3 times the size of the left. After a lot of bollocking around with doctors, she went for an x-ray this morning. fingers crossed it's nothing serious.

I got to be the lady of the house today. Bitta cleaning, bitta cooking - sound. My mam couldn't really leave me alone to cook the dinner though, she still thinks if I'm near the oven too long the house will catch fire.

I spent the whole evening with my Godmother, showing her the final collage, and getting the seal of approval. Note to self: when someone asks you to design them something, do it right away. Nobody does procrastination quite like me. Well, above is the final piece - not exactly one for the portfolio but it's what she wanted, and most of all, the person she's framing it for loves it. So now all that's left to do is get it printed and I'm done.

My To-do list:

collage for godmother
• vector of me for my mother
• photo-manip for my father
• business identity for makeup artist
• photoshoot with debbie
• new myspace HTML
• new buzznet layout
• posters for NoDisko
• new bebo skin

I'm all happy tonight. My godmother gave me 100 cigarettes, I've one less thing to do, I've started on my next design, I get to go back to my lovely boyfriend tomorrow, and oh yes, Road Wars is on telly. Saturday night bliss.

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