Saturday, September 26, 2009

David LaChapelle "American Jesus" Exhibition

A m e r i c a n J e s u s

Yay! Today my old roomie Darren (of "we're havin a moment" fame) is coming up to the big smoke for the weekend. In true design student fashion we're gonna go and have a look at the David LaChapelle exhibition. I feel like I owe it to David LaChapelle, when I chose a book on animation over his book last year. I needed the animation book for my thesis, and couldn't afford both.

"Lachapelle, a fine art photographer and director, is renowned for his iconic pop and celebrity images that for over the past two decades have continuously graced the pages of the leading fashion and entertainment magazines such as Vanity Fair, The Face, Rolling Stone, Vogue and Interview. Mixing glamour with surreal and comic fantasy, Lachapelle has created many memorable and striking images of luminaries such as Elizabeth Taylor, Pamela Anderson, Madonna, Elton John, Tupac Shakur and Britney Spears. His directing credits include music videos for artists such as Moby, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez.

Lachapelle’s stage work includes Elton John’s The Red Piano concert which recently ended a five year run at Ceaser’s Palace in Las Vegas and which will be staged at Dublin’s 02 for one night on October 30th."

You can catch "American Jesus" from:

Sept 19th - Oct 21st

Connaught House,
1, Burlington Road,
Dublin 4

Here are a few of my old faves, I can't wait to see what the exhibition has to offer.

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  1. spent a good 2 hours looking for connaught road instead of connaught house today, then my hangover got the better of me and i called it a day! great seeing you KK