Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello Global Warming

Thanks to the fabulous torrential rain last night, The Button Factory is flooded / damaged and Muzik is off. No DJ set for Mr Nation so. Damn. I was all set for standing on stage looking fabulous. Speaking of rain, here it is again. Wonderful.

I had an appointment booked for 3pm today at Threshold; together we were gonna battle my old Athlone landlord to the death. However, this morning my deposit cheque arrived (whoop), so that kept me happy for a second. Note: I've been moved out of that house since may and our landlord refused to give us back our deposit. Unfortunately the amount he gave me doesn't add up, so I have to check with the old roomies to see if they got cheques too, or if I have to split it 3 ways.


I'm on the vectoring waggon again. I promised the mother that I'd do a vector of myself for her birthday, so I'm trying to get that started now. I feel inspired to make a vector tutorial, because I remembered Debbie asked me to, so she could learn photoshop for college. Then I remembered she's left college, so there's no point. I could put tutorials online though.. hmm.

I'll have a think about it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vectors FTW!

Well I finished my first out-of-college vector pic, I'm actually pretty happy with it. I think it's pretty cute. It was good practice to get me back into the swing of illustrating. I found that I can be very picky with vectors, and I end up doing wayyyy too much detail. Managed to get this done in less then 3 days, so I'm happy with that.

The parents 35th wedding anniversary is coming up in the next week. eek. I've nothing for them. I already owe a birthday present and a fathers day present. As well as the collage I'm 'still working on' for my godmother.

My next bit of work is yet another vectoring montage of my least favourite subject, myself. She decided at my end-of-year exhibition that she ♥'s vector pics and wanted one of me for her birthday. Which was in June. Oopsies.

I hate drawing myself. >.<

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vectors, Vexels and Vixens.

I love vectors. I adore the lovely clean lines. Ooh vectors make me come over all funny. When it comes to illustrating, which I do quite a lot of, I'm a bigger fan of Adobe Illustrator. There's just something about photoshop vectors and vexels that drives me mad. All those pixels. No thanks.

I haven't really done much drawing since I've left college. So for fear of getting rusty I'm starting it up again. Here's a few of my latest favourites, who you can find on Deviant Art. My profile on DA is so old it's shameful. I went through a phase of uploading stuff all the time... then I got lazy. I'll see how my new found motivation for vectors goes, and maybe I'll get back into DA.

At the moment I'm working on a vector of one of the Bizarre Vixens. Love. Ultra Vixens pwn suicide girls anyday in my books. I couldn't decide what I wanted to draw so I'm just practicing my vector skillz on this for now.

Here's a look at where I'm at anyway: Still quite a lot of work to be done.

I can't remember the link for the original photo, but I'm sure it's on Bizarre somewhere.

Note: For me Teal is the new Pink.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

gettin hitched in stylee

My godmother gave my mam this photograph to give to me. It's of my uncles wedding, I wanted to see it because I heard the bride wore leopard print and I of course, just had to see. Personally, I think she looks fabulous!

I'm actually quite a fan of unusual wedding dresses - I was a little bit disappointed that it wasn't a leopard print ball-gown, but I suppose that would be a little bit over the top. There actually aren't that many leopard print wedding dresses out there. Pity.

Would you wear leopard print at your wedding?
I would. But it would have to be a seriously obnoxious dress - like that itinerant wedding dress:

Hello Kitty wedding dresses?
Yes please. I nearly died when I saw these pics of Hello Kitty weddings:

Oh lord. Somebody ring my boyfriend and warn him that I'm planning a crazy Hello Kitty / Leopard print wedding in my head. This has been the most productive day of pure procrastination I think I've ever had.

Crafty Fingers

I was updating my Twitter and Tyra Banks was saying how she loves fake nails but they always break. Flashback to reading all about 3d nails - the most amazaballs yet utterly inappropriate thing I'm in love with this summer. I want them so bad, but I know I'd only have them 5 minutes and they'd be getting caught in my extensions. Sad face.

I'm supposed to be working on a collage at the minute. But like a magpie with style I got distracted by shiny 3d nail art. In fairness, I worked on it a lot when I was first asked to do it... 3 weeks ago. Oopsies.

Right, back to work.