Saturday, October 3, 2009

Late Of The Pier DJ Set

Excuse the lack of blogging. Or at least the lack of blogging about anything interesting. I've been plagued with a dramatic case of the sniffles and a cough that have caused me to feel mopey and reluctant to blog. I've also had a series of job interviews this week (hooray, things are finally getting better!) and somehow I've been offered all of them, and I can't choose.

To take my mind off having to choose between jobs, myself and the boyfriend are headed to our usual haunt, Transmission, to see the Late Of The Pier DJ set.

Around Paddy's day this year, my lovely friend Stacey advised to go and listen to LOTP, that they were amazing and I would love them. She also regularly gives out to the boyfriend for not playing her favourite song ''Bathroom Gurgle''.

I'm happy to be heading out, but I feel quite run down and I have a horrible cough. Speaking of coughing, Zebra's finally back from holidays and brought me some fabulous presents, one of which was cigarettes. Yay. I also have a giant bottle of vodka to cheer me up tonight.