Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello Monday

Everybody's in work or college except me. I kinda miss college, but I am glad to be finished. Yesterday was amazing, I met the boyfriend in town, we had dinner, we went home and then we snuggled up on the sofa. I'm a big softie really, I was all sad because I hadn't seen him or been home in two days.

The only bad part about yesterday was when I was viciously attacked by a Daddy Long Legs in the bathroom, and I had to smush him with a bar of soap. When the boyfriend found the smushed corpse in the bathroom we agreed that I'd let him handle all future insect and arachnid attacks.

"I'm not afraid of insects or spiders. They're never more then two steps away from a hiding with a rolled-up magazine, probably a copy of MixMag"

Swoon. I do love a man who's not afraid of insects. I'll keep him.

I'm considering heading into town to get that collage printed. In retrospect, I should've really done it when i was already in town this morning, but I was half asleep, and decided to head to my parents house for the day, to see my dog, eat all the food, and do some work in the comfort of my old bedroom.

I have a new favourite website, lookbook. I could spend hours browsing on that. It makes me feel all motivated about clothes and more importantly, design. I've been feeling very optimistic about my work lately, and I feel more confident then I ever have. I've already started on my next design, the vector piece. It's actually taken me much longer then it normally does, maybe I'm being extra picky because it's a picture of myself and not someone else. So I'm being very detailed. Also, because it's for my Mam, it has to be perfect, because even though she's going to find loads of problems with it and not like it, at least if I know it's perfect, and I'm happy with it, then it'll be alright.

Eugh it really looks like it's going to rain. Oh wait I can't go into town anyway, I've no memory stick. Damn it. Fine, town tomorrow. Vectoring today.


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