Sunday, September 27, 2009

End Transmission

Transmission: 26.09.09

Last night himself was playing the 11 - 1 slot at The Button Factory's Saturday night indie/electro club Transmission. In an effort to save money, I downed a very large vodka in about 10 seconds before we left the flat. For some bizarre reason I also decided to eat the last slice of the worlds spiciest pizza because the thought of that poor lonely pizza slice sitting alone in the kitchen all night made me sad. Needless to say, I felt a bit ill.

We collected the infamous Ben NoDisko and headed to the Button Factory, only to end up catching the end of a rather rubbish metal gig. Oddly enough, most of the metallers decided to stay to see what AntoNation had to offer. After a few pleasantries with Mr Radiator, myself and Ben positioned ourselves out of the way on stage and started on the free Bulmers. The last 3 times I've been out, I've gone from drinking vodka to drinking cider, and I've been violently ill, but it was either drink cider, or get off stage, go all the way to the bar and pay for a drink. It's not in my freeloading nature to pay for drinks, so I stomached the cider.

I was soon made feel much better by himself cracking out the indie tunes, building up through an excellent few electro hits, and finishing with a pretty epic version of Guns n Roses "Welcome To The Jungle". Legend. I love when people scream and wave when he DJ's. They look like tiny ants from all the way up here on the stage. I jest, I'm not that stuck up, but I do like when people scream when a song they like comes on.

He actually ended up playing til 1.30am, because the guy after him was late. When he'd finished I suddenly felt really tired again, and I felt like I was going to nod off in the green room. I was really tired drinking cider at EP too... note to self: cider makes you tired, drink vodka instead. We left the green room and had a wander around the nightclub, having a look at the next DJ and drinking yet more cider. It was at this point, the 5 year old in me piped up and I just wanted to go home to bed.

Party animal fail. But I'll know to be better rested for The Toxic Avenger on Tuesday.

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