Friday, September 25, 2009

The Ruby Couture Design Sale (was shite)

It's bad enough that everyone who presents on Xpose is a decrepit old hag, but for them to lie about a sale? Now that's just bad form. The youngest of the hags, Karen Koster, accosted me at The Jameson Film festival earlier this year (I wasn't there socialising, I was carrying a tray of cocktails - keeping it real) when she drunkenly got in my way and nearly toppled over a tray of Mojitos all because she was enamored with my hair. Yes I know it's fabulous, now get out of my way, some of us have glasses to wash.

I've since forgiven her for nearly getting me fired, but this I cannot forgive. She stood in front of the nation and said that there was a huge sale on in The Mansion House in Dublin this weekend, of all the top trends for Autumn/Winter 09, with up to 80% off.

In actual fact it was The Ruby Couture Designer Sale at The Mansion House, bags, shoes, clothes you name it, all massively reduced. What you failed to tell us, Karen Koster, is that is was all last-last-last-season stuff, and a few odd bits from the designer reduced-to-clear bin, all at alright-but-not-really-worth-it prices. You couldn't even call it vintage, or last season. It was all just old manky garbs that no one wants. Think charity shop for billionaires. Anything that was actually near enough to being in season, you could find in the high street. Anything that you could class as vintage, you'd find in your granny's wardrobe.

Don't get me wrong, I love designer stuff, but I want it to be new and unusual. If I can find it on the high street, I'd rather just get it there. I change my style so often there's no point in spending money I don't have. SO give me something different, make it worth the money.

p e o p l e w i l l s t a r e
make it worth their while
-Harry Winston

If however you fancy going to have a look for yourself, it's open all weekend:

Saturday 26th: 10am-6pm
Sunday 27th: 11am-6pm

and it's on in The Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

Most of all, I was incredibly upset by the shoe collection. Never have I seen shoes so badly mistreated. Piles of boxes with shoes randomly placed all around, with paper signs saying the sizes in black marker. Sacrilege. I was so bored I grabbed my Godmother and my Mam and we left. There was a bit of buzz around Dublin tonight for the Culture Night, and a few of the shops were open late.

BT2 had two DJs in the window, and were having a silent disco and free Heineken instore. Fun! Mostly I went in to drop hints of what (bags) I want for Xmas, and when I say hints, I mean "I want that gold PB bag for Xmas". As subtle as a whore's perfume. For some bizarre reason, BT2 was full of chizlers, which I'm putting down to the silent disco, but it put me off and we made an exit. For someone who spends so much of their time online, I never seem to know about these thing until I end up stumbling upon them! Sadly Culture night was tonight, but you didn't miss much, a lot of dancing in the street, and a bit of binge drinking in BT2.

The best part of my whole night was getting a free copy of 'Social & Personal' at The Mansion House.


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