Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mother's Day Vectoring

While I'll been feeling ill I decided to get it was time to get a wiggle on the next bit on my design to-do list: My Mother's Day present for my mother (obviously). No not next years Mother's Day, I'll never be that organised, Mother's day this year. Yes I know I'm a terrible procrastinator.

Anyway, for some bizarre reason my mother was mildly enamored with the vector work I did for my Degree Exhibition in June, so she wanted a fabulous vector picture of me for her Mother's day present.

I actually hate drawing myself. But seeing as I have no choice, (I could always give her a picture of Debbie and see if she notices!) the picture above is the planned design. A brief history of Kerri Katastrophe. I have one of the pics nearly done, I just need to shade the hair properly and fix a few tones in the skin. Don't be surprised if there's a few pictures missing from the finished design - I have a very short attention span for these things. I'll probably get rid of the first picture of me with red hair - I haaate that picture. It's only in there because my mother loves it.

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