Friday, September 18, 2009

To-do lists are shit

My design to-do list is shocking. And because it's all for friends and fambly I'm procrastinating extra hard.

• collage for my godmother

• vector for my mother

• photo-manip for my father

• business identity for makeup artist

• posters for NoDisko

• photos for Debbie

• new myspace HTML

• new buzznet layout

• new bebo skin

However I did get the new "Inspiration Edition" of Computer Arts so I feel all motivated about doing some stuff, but I swear I think I'll never be done with this collage.

I'm also having a hard time concentrating on anything but myself lately because I've piled on weight in the last 6 months and I'm feeling very huffy. I'm all about hula hooping, skipping and jogging at the moment. I pulled my hamstring running on sunday so I was looking for something with a little less impact to do to start off. I've also decided to get my diet on - that's about the fifth time I've said that this week. I don't know about anybody else, but whenever I decide I'm going to cut down on sugary foods, I get an instant craving. Which results in me binge-eating and then feeling all sad. Well at least if I've declared it here on the internet, I feel like I have to do it now.

Around a year and a half ago, I got a program on my laptop that you just put in what you've eaten, and it calculates all the calories etc for you. It also calculates calories burned through exercise. That helped me a lot because it meant that I was keeping track of what I was doing, and I was given a budget of calories, specific to my weight and my height.

After the great Mac death a few months ago, I lost all my data. So I've downloaded it again, and my new budget is 1421 calories a day. And I can already tell you that once I have my dinner, I'll have gone over that by about 800 calories. (Friday night is chipper night here in the Katastrophe house) But at least I've recognised that I need to start loosing weight again - I'm barely in the green zone.

My two priorities now are: 1) get back to designing 2) loose weight and get back in shape.

Once I'm a design icon and a supermodel, I'll look into quitting smoking.

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