Monday, February 22, 2010

Debenhams to use size 16 mannequins

Size 8-10 Size 16-18

Debenhams department store are to start using size 16 mannequins?

Apparently Debenhams will be doing a trial of 'plus size' mannequins using Ben de Lisi (yanno, yer man from Project Catwalk) is to showcase his new line.

The majority of clothing stores in the UK and Ireland use size 8 - 10 mannequins, including Debenhams and M&S.

According to research, Debenhams stocks up to size 26 in womenswear, and over 40% of the sales are size 14 and size 16, and the average British woman is a size 16. Which means basically, it makes sense to use size 16 mannequins. There will be a brief trail using Mr de Lisi's line, and if it flies with the public, then it will be kept on full time.

This theory has been tested before though, John Lewis used size 14 mannequins in it's flagship store and the whole idea fell flat on it's face.

[Swiped from the Telegraph]

Susan Ringwood, chief executive of charity Beat, which campaigns against eating disorders, said she supported Debenham's idea: “Women often feel it is their fault that clothes don’t look as good on them as they do in the shop window.

"It's good to have mannequins that reflect the diversity of female shapes in Britain."


The Man Who Drew The Bug-Eyed Monsters

Last night I ended up watching an excellent documentary on Reynold Brown, called ''The Man Who Drew The Bug-Eyed Monsters''

Reynold Brown (1917 - 1991) was an L.A born illustrator who basically drew every movie poster you've ever seen from the 50s.

Reynold Brown has always been a huge inspiration for me, I just never knew it until I saw the documentary! When I was in secondary school I took a big interest in posters from the 50s, especially b-movie horror posters. I was always under the impression that there was a 'style' of posters, that everyone drew the same, but I found out last night that they're all by the one person!

I had a bit of a rubbish art teacher, who told me studying poster art wasn't the best way to go about getting a career in art (thanks, Ms Kavanagh). And I will say, 4 years of Graphic Design college will prove that actually, poster design is a pretty bit part. I honestly never came across his name, I just pulled pictures of his work from books and vhs boxes.

This documentary gave me a huge insight into the world of poster design from the 40s onwards - it explains how illustrators like Reynold Brown never signed their name to the artwork, and if they did, it would be removed. They were under appreciated, poorly paid and were basically unknown. They also had at best, 3 day deadlines to finish the posters! (I couldn't make a gig flyer in 3 days without the help of my computer)

The documentary was made in 1994 so it's hard not to be put off by the ''art historians'' with giant glasses - but it's still well worth a look. Any reason to procrastinate!

Much love for Reynold Brown!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Dublin's finest Indie night (yes, I know I'm biased) has left The Academy and found greener pastures in POD. This friday marks the launch of the new and improved NoDisko, who are setting up camp as part of new friday night club Trainwreck @ POD.


There's 3 rooms at Trainwreck, each one bursting with friday night goodness:

(stolen from Trainwreck's facebook blarb)

TRAINWRECK Fridays promises to deliver the ultimate night out, combining all the best elements of Dublin’s vibrant club scene for one door price, all under one roof! And don’t forget The Massive beer garden!

The POD:
Shaun D'Arcy
Donal Mooney
Steve Neligan
Mark Murphy (Tea)

Music: Think Style of Eye, Dusty kid, Claude van stroke, Anja Schneider, Sebo K, Adam Beyer, Modeselektor, Marco Corola, Jesper Dahlback, Paco Osuna Anton Zap,Cabin Fever,Jerome Sydenham,Ron Trent,Chateau Flight,Dj

Chocolate Bar:
JNK (Lady Jane)

Music: Chocolate bar will be a medley of Soul classics, vintage Pop and a smattering of old school Rock mixed together for a dancey-yet-chilled out vibe.

NoDisko DJs

Music: Curated by the Nodisko DJs will feature their unique blend of jump up and down indie hits and cutting edge electro mixes. Expect regular live appearance from top national and international bands and up and coming art installations.