Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello Global Warming

Thanks to the fabulous torrential rain last night, The Button Factory is flooded / damaged and Muzik is off. No DJ set for Mr Nation so. Damn. I was all set for standing on stage looking fabulous. Speaking of rain, here it is again. Wonderful.

I had an appointment booked for 3pm today at Threshold; together we were gonna battle my old Athlone landlord to the death. However, this morning my deposit cheque arrived (whoop), so that kept me happy for a second. Note: I've been moved out of that house since may and our landlord refused to give us back our deposit. Unfortunately the amount he gave me doesn't add up, so I have to check with the old roomies to see if they got cheques too, or if I have to split it 3 ways.


I'm on the vectoring waggon again. I promised the mother that I'd do a vector of myself for her birthday, so I'm trying to get that started now. I feel inspired to make a vector tutorial, because I remembered Debbie asked me to, so she could learn photoshop for college. Then I remembered she's left college, so there's no point. I could put tutorials online though.. hmm.

I'll have a think about it.

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