Sunday, August 16, 2009

gettin hitched in stylee

My godmother gave my mam this photograph to give to me. It's of my uncles wedding, I wanted to see it because I heard the bride wore leopard print and I of course, just had to see. Personally, I think she looks fabulous!

I'm actually quite a fan of unusual wedding dresses - I was a little bit disappointed that it wasn't a leopard print ball-gown, but I suppose that would be a little bit over the top. There actually aren't that many leopard print wedding dresses out there. Pity.

Would you wear leopard print at your wedding?
I would. But it would have to be a seriously obnoxious dress - like that itinerant wedding dress:

Hello Kitty wedding dresses?
Yes please. I nearly died when I saw these pics of Hello Kitty weddings:

Oh lord. Somebody ring my boyfriend and warn him that I'm planning a crazy Hello Kitty / Leopard print wedding in my head. This has been the most productive day of pure procrastination I think I've ever had.

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