Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Dublin's finest Indie night (yes, I know I'm biased) has left The Academy and found greener pastures in POD. This friday marks the launch of the new and improved NoDisko, who are setting up camp as part of new friday night club Trainwreck @ POD.


There's 3 rooms at Trainwreck, each one bursting with friday night goodness:

(stolen from Trainwreck's facebook blarb)

TRAINWRECK Fridays promises to deliver the ultimate night out, combining all the best elements of Dublin’s vibrant club scene for one door price, all under one roof! And don’t forget The Massive beer garden!

The POD:
Shaun D'Arcy
Donal Mooney
Steve Neligan
Mark Murphy (Tea)

Music: Think Style of Eye, Dusty kid, Claude van stroke, Anja Schneider, Sebo K, Adam Beyer, Modeselektor, Marco Corola, Jesper Dahlback, Paco Osuna Anton Zap,Cabin Fever,Jerome Sydenham,Ron Trent,Chateau Flight,Dj

Chocolate Bar:
JNK (Lady Jane)

Music: Chocolate bar will be a medley of Soul classics, vintage Pop and a smattering of old school Rock mixed together for a dancey-yet-chilled out vibe.

NoDisko DJs

Music: Curated by the Nodisko DJs will feature their unique blend of jump up and down indie hits and cutting edge electro mixes. Expect regular live appearance from top national and international bands and up and coming art installations.


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