Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This Ain't No Disco

no simcard, N o D i s k o , no photo, not here

This weekend Antonation and the NoDisko team graced the decks at The Good Bits for the third time. Himself and Sometimes Babs of 'The Neon Vampires' were due to DJ in the indie lounge upstairs, but a last minute discussion between NoDisko promoter and Good Bits manager secured them the downstairs room next to the Cave.

I always enjoy going to anything that himself DJ's at, because ever since I worked in The Academy (old home of NoDisko) I've thought that he is a fantastic DJ and I like the music he plays, so I always enjoy myself regardless of the venue.

But I have to say, I really fxcking hate The Good Bits. I can't help it. If the boyfriend didn't DJ there, you couldn't pay me to set foot in that place. I can deal with the bad layout of the venue, I can deal with the juvenile organisation, I can even deal with all the random steps in the pitch black, that trip me up every time I go to the bar. What I can't deal with, is all the stupid and annoying drunken underage brats - not one of them out of school yet.

The minute I got there on Saturday, straight from work, I got out my phone and took to facebook, writing ''bang of underage kids in here'' which got a lot of 'likes' and generally hilarious replies. My age and modest outfit obviously made me stick out like a sore thumb, as I was asked TWICE was I a drug dealer. Not by the bouncers, thankfully, but by random children. No, I am not a drug dealer, get out of my face or I will glass you.

On the plus side I did get to spend my night nattering away with Louis Xmas and (Sometimes) Babs and dancing to the finest tunes. I also got plastered on cider.

I've thrown in some pics taken by Patrick Hough, not the usual photographer for Punch!, more of a stand in. The photos are a little bit over-edited, but I like them none the less. I don't particularly like the one of me where I look like I'm made of gold, but it does make me sing Spandau Ballet in my head every time I see it.

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