Monday, February 22, 2010

Debenhams to use size 16 mannequins

Size 8-10 Size 16-18

Debenhams department store are to start using size 16 mannequins?

Apparently Debenhams will be doing a trial of 'plus size' mannequins using Ben de Lisi (yanno, yer man from Project Catwalk) is to showcase his new line.

The majority of clothing stores in the UK and Ireland use size 8 - 10 mannequins, including Debenhams and M&S.

According to research, Debenhams stocks up to size 26 in womenswear, and over 40% of the sales are size 14 and size 16, and the average British woman is a size 16. Which means basically, it makes sense to use size 16 mannequins. There will be a brief trail using Mr de Lisi's line, and if it flies with the public, then it will be kept on full time.

This theory has been tested before though, John Lewis used size 14 mannequins in it's flagship store and the whole idea fell flat on it's face.

[Swiped from the Telegraph]

Susan Ringwood, chief executive of charity Beat, which campaigns against eating disorders, said she supported Debenham's idea: “Women often feel it is their fault that clothes don’t look as good on them as they do in the shop window.

"It's good to have mannequins that reflect the diversity of female shapes in Britain."


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