Saturday, December 19, 2009

London Stalling

Oh dear I have such horrendous bags under my eyes. And it's too dull and rainy to cover them up with giant sunglasses.

In a rather punk move today I wore an old Clash t-shirt, donated to me by a dear old house mate earlier in the year, to work because I genuinely couldn't find anything else black, or clean. Surprisingly, nobody said anything. I'll take that as a sign from the gods that I should be more daring in straying away from my all-black work attire.

I will be working every day up until Christmas day, boo-urns. And I still haven't bought any presents. Or made any new years resolutions.

In less exciting but important news, New Galaxy Cookie Crumble bars are my favourite thing ever. I plan to eat many of them and grow large. Then TV3 can do a show about me.

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